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Become an elite international escort. Join the elite VIP escorts of the world with our Elite International escort jobs. Highest class way of working! Become a true Elite International escort today. Extremely high class escort girls only.
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Become an elite international escort. Join the elite VIP escorts of the world with our Elite International escort jobs. Highest class way of working! Become a true Elite International escort today. Extremely high class escort girls only.

Are you interested in becoming an Elite international escort? If so then we have the contacts to ensure you exceed at it beyond all comprehension. Travelling all over the World to the most exotic of places, entertaining the most esteemed gentlemen. This is the ultimate way of becoming an escort. As a top international travel companion, you will both accompany men from your own country abroad, as well as flying to meet your clients in other regions.

Being an elite international escort is a very rewarding job. But in order to be a success at it. You must meet the very highest of standards in every regard. Your wardrobe needs to be well adorned with the most luxury of lingerie, dresses and shoes for all occasions. You must have model like looks and figure. To compliment all these things you need to offer an extremely excellent array of services, an outstanding GFE and have a personality that exceeds all expectations. You need to be able to be that perfect girlfriend without all the complications. Resisting the temptation of falling for your rich clients, being strictly professional at all times. You need a business mind and be dedicated to what you do. Reliability has to be perfect, as these types of reservations are usually arranged sometime in advance. As well as paid for upfront. So even the thought of you not attending can not cross your mind.

Getting back to the personality element needed to become an elite international escort. You need to be able to converse with all people, know how to hold an exceptional intelligent conversation. Feel at home in all types of surroundings, including the most exclusive of restaurants and bars. Needless to say a professional and educated background are a mere prerequisite for this position. I can not express enough that you need to be truly elite in every capacity.

It can seem a little scary at first the thought of travelling to a foreign country to meet a total stranger. This is where we come in to our own. The clients are vetted heavily, all expenses are paid upfront and everything double checked by us. This allows both yourself and the clients to remain totally private. But you both know we have done the work that matters, ensuing everything is perfect and correctly placed. You money is held by us until you attend, when it will be transferred directly to an account of your choosing. Becoming an elite international escort is now very easy for you.

What to expect

Being an international elite escort, is something that is really fun! You get to mix with the elite of society, in the most luxurious of places. One week you can be bathing on a beach in Dubai after being treated to an exotic shopping trip. The next week chilling on a yacht in Marbella, sipping on the most expensive of champagne. Its a diverse job, but one that really is in the highest league of escorting. There is no better way to be an escort, than being an elite international escort. Its truly something amazing. As well as travelling internationally. You will also travel within the UK to entertain clients in other regions. So both International and national travel will occur.

Of course there are some things that you need to consider. Reservations are usually made a little more in advance, so its possible to work around an existing career in another industry. Providing of course you can still be flexible as when a job comes in, you do not want to miss it. So it has to be a priority for you. You may have to travel to an airport alone and of course fly alone to your destination. You need to be happy to undertake such a trip.

Its a very safe way of working, we are hand 24 hours to ensure all things go smooth. You can count on us to be at your side no matter where you are in the world. You have to appreciate the high standing clients you see are very calm professional people. Even when they party its done in private, away from prying eyes. Safety is something we take care of, you do not need to be concerned about this in any regard.

It is also possible that you become a local escort in your home city as well as offering your services as an elite international escort. Its very important you note, that it may be required that you travel to a different country than your home one. To undertake professional photo shoots, introduction videos etc as part of your marketing program. Those that do not attend, will not be able to work at this level. I am sure you can appreciate just how important it is for you to have the best possible marketing. In order for us to do this, we need to ensure you are armed with the best imagery to enable us to do so. Its very important at this level of the industry for certain.

Pay grade

Its not to be put any other way. Than this level of escort work is the highest paying possible. Your rates are extremely high per hour for both international & national travel, with all expenses paid by the client. The minimum booking duration is 4 hours + your travel expenses paid fully in advance. So £1200 is the minimum you can expect to receive. A weekend e.g Friday night to Sunday afternoon (maximum of 48 hours) is priced at £8000. A full week is priced at £20'000. Remember all your expenses are paid in full by your client. This includes all food, beverages, accommodation and such like. Its normal when working as an elite international escort to get huge tips, fully paid designer shopping trips and exotic expensive gifts. This really is the elite of the elite. This is the highest league in the escort work. Please only apply if you are sure you have what it takes. We are happy to advise you as needed. Extensive experience means we understand better than any, what is needed to become an elite international escort.

International escort jobs

We have many international escort jobs available for women that want to travel the world, meet amazing new people, see new sights and entertain to a top class standard. Sound like yourself? Well then do not delay in filling out the form below! We would be very happy to hear from you and later on represent you as an international escort in the UK

Of course, to apply for this position, you need to be available to travel around the world and have a valid passport. You have to look good and also take care of your body. To work as an international escort in the UK you have to be a lady of all round quality, as you will be working at the highest end of the industry. Also, before looking at our international escort jobs, you need to know that you must be between the ages of 18 and 45, be a dress size 8/10 maximum and have a vivacious and confident personality. You will be meeting high flying businessmen who want discretion at all times, the same as you. So being classy enough to not look out of place is a real must. Most importantly; you will be seeing many clients, of different age ranges and races. You have to be able to entertain everyone to a very high standard. 

Every last client will treat you phenomenally and make the atmosphere very enjoyable for you! Being a jet set lady makes for meeting some very interesting people, ones that will make you feel great and very happy with your time with them. Once you have become an international lady, you will be in the category of the best of the best, therefore the people who make appointments with you will be nothing less than this either. If you want to work as an international escort in the UK, then you will not have any greater earnings than that which you will have working with us. We do not charge you for your photographs nor do we make you pay for flights or anything of the sort! Imagine getting paid for having fun and going on holiday for free? Could there be a better job than one as an international escort??

Because we are highly experienced agency owners, we offer you a consistently safe environment with organised and professional management 24/7! Safely is something you do not need to worry about with us. Having previous experience is not necessary - Get the ball rolling now by applying to work as an international escort in the UK and then we will go through absolutely everything with you. We are here to help you from the get go in absolutely every way we can. If you think you are up for it and want to apply for our international escort jobs then submit the application below to us and expect a call from us within 24 hours. We can assure you that you do not want to miss out on this chance to live your life like never before - Work as an international escort in the UK now!

If you are looking to become an elite international escort, we would love to hear from you. You can proceed by clicking below to our application form. We hope to welcome you aboard very soon!

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Specific details

Earning Potential £20'000 per week +
Age Requirements 21+
Start date Immediate
Shift requirements Flexibility needed
Maximum dress size 10
Joining fees None! Its Free!
Own transport needed No
Other requirements You must be an elite lady to be considered for this international escorting. Its the highest possible level of escorting.


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