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Become an high class escort in Birmingham. Join our team of high class Birmingham escorts today. The most high class escort jobs in Birmingham ever! High Paying escort jobs Birmingham! Proven escort experience required. Only real High class girls!
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Become an high class escort in Birmingham. Join our team of high class Birmingham escorts today. The most high class escort jobs in Birmingham ever! High Paying escort jobs Birmingham! Proven escort experience required. Only real High class girls!

Join our high earning team of high class Birmingham escorts today. Do you have what it takes to become a high class escort? Would you like to work at the highest end of the local escorting industry? If you become one our high class Birmingham escorts, you can be assured you will be earning the best possible hourly wage in the city. No other escorts earn as much in the city as you can with our high class escort jobs. You need to be suitable for such a vacancy, so please read on to discover if you are suitable for such a position or not.

Being a high class escort in Birmingham is a very rewarding career. Not only are the earnings extremely high, but the class of clients is the highest possible as well. You will enjoy the finest hotels, restaurants and educated company. Being treated like a true lady and giving the same back in return. It is the most exciting domestic escorting jobs you will discover. Our high class escorts also travel to other parts of the UK to meet with clients.

Are you suitable?

To be considered for jobs working as an high class escort in Birmingham. You will need to meet an exceptional high criteria. To start with your must have true model looks and figure, looking more like a lads mag stunner than the girl next door. You must look like this as normal, we are not interested in ladies that only look good after their photos have been attacked with an airbrush. We look for ladies that are classy, sexy and willing in real life. Your presentation must be at its best always. Your wardrobe must contain a diverse range of lingerie, dresses, foot wear and such like. To earn this money you need to make an effort always. Your reliability needs to be flawless and your must show extreme integrity towards your work. You must be prepared to travel to other cities in the UK when needed, your expenses will be paid upfront of course. You do not need your own transport, as there are many methods of transport as needed. Your communication skills need to be top draw, your services need to be expert, complimented by a very open mind. There should be very few things on your no list to obtain this level of high class escort work. You must be capable of holding an intelligent conversation and delivering the most perfect girl friend experience. Remember you will be entertaining the more astute gentlemen, you have to be able to converse at their level and feel happy in the more 'posh' surroundings. Discretion is highly important and your conduct must be strictly professional at all times. This is not the job to find a sugar daddy, you need to be focused on the long term outlook and satisfying all clients equally. Your attitude needs to be outstanding as well. Any sign of bad attitudes will not get you very far with us in this position. You need to be understanding, flexible and capable of working as a team. 

Please note that being an high class escort, is not someone that is stuck up their own bum. Thinking they are better than everyone else. Lets face it, no one wants to be in the company of such a lady! Being down to earth but capable of living in the higher class, is a prerequisite for certain. You need to be outward going, flexible and super sexy. Although you do not need to be English to acquire these jobs. You do need to be able to speak nothing less than 100% perfect English, other languages are an advantage also.

You will need to have proven escort experience. If you can not demonstrate your previous experience and clients opinions, then its normal to trial as a standard local escort and progress to this level in due course. In certain cases we will allow ladies to start straight away at this level, but never those with no previous experience. You have to prove you are capable of delivering a high class service. Your previous work experience will give us an idea of the level you have worked at. We will judge each application on its own merits. We understand some ladies are self critical, we are happy to be the judge for you. With years of expertise in this sector, we are in the best place to give you the right answers.

It is essential you are flexible and can work at least 3 shifts a week. Anything less than this is not really beneficial to anyone. The amount of jobs you get are not always many. But its about the quality of the jobs and the high earnings you gain from them. Its normal in this job position, that most of your reservations will be for many hours at a time. Longer bookings are the norm. You will still get many one hour jobs, especially when you are new to the region. Its normal for clients to book you for an hour to see how you get along, prior to booking you for a longer time slot. This is sensible for all as it means they are not risking so much money on an unknown quantity. Clients are intelligent at this high class level, so its only reasonable to expect them to be more shrewd about these matter.

You will need to be to present us at least 6 very recent high quality professional photos. These must NOT be heavily airbrushed to make you look totally different to how you arrive to clients. They need to be good photos of a good looking lady! Not an average lady made to look good! You may be required to attend professional photo shoots and video introductions sessions as needed. Your presentation and marketing is very important at this level, so we must ensure its always kept at the very best of standards.

What are the pay rates?

The rates of pay as an high class escort are extremely high. For local jobs in the Birmingham area for example. Your rates start from £200 for the first hour. The minimum booking duration is one hour, for an outcall. For an incall the minimum booking duration is 30 minutes, which is priced at £130. For a 4 hour outcall the rates for local outcalls in the region are £600. For a 12 hour all night booking, the price is £1000. If you are for example going to London for a reservation, then your travel costs are placed on top of these prices. So never do you earn less. Its a fact that these high class escort jobs in Birmingham are the best paying form of escort work in the area. No ladies earn this much in the city believe me. If you are lucky enough to work at this high class level, then you can be certain you will be earning the highest possible income as an escort in Birmingham.

High Paying escort jobs Birmingham

We are offering high paying escort jobs in Birmingham to ladies that really deserve the job. The jobs are not just offered to anyone. We offer them to ladies with high standards and gorgeous figures. We want girls that we can depend on. Girls that will provide high class services without failing to pleasure the clients. We want ladies that always have a positive attitude towards our punters. 

Do you want a high paying escort job in Birmingham then you must meet our requirements. You must always be on time to each booking that you receive. As we do not like our clients waiting around when they pay for your services. We want you to be well groomed at all times. So that you always look your absolute best. As we want you to always excite the clients when they lays their eyes on you. We are a distinguished agency that is seeking out beautiful from all over the country. We want them to come our work with us. We are experience agency owners that have been around for a while providing the finest females for its punters. We can certify that you will always have work at our agency. As we are always busy and constantly receiving new clients that want to try out our phenomenal services. 

We watch over all of the ladies carefully making sure that they are content with the job and making sure that everything goes as planned. Safety is not an issue at our agency as we work with clients that we know will not cause a problem for our ladies. You will always be respected by our customers. We expect our girls to show them the same respect. We tend to keep things organised at our agency so each lady knows who she is seeing. We also like working in a friendly environment so everything is happy. 

Put in an application today to apply for a high paying escort job in Birmingham. In the form you can pick out the hours and the days that will suite you. We have so much work here so if you decide on working full time. It will be better for you and our agency. We require some photos so that we can see what you look like. We also require a little bit of information about you. We do not ask for a deposit from the girls that apply to our agency. We say this because it is quite common among other agencies so that they know you will not leave the next day. 

The ladies that we employ do not have to worry about the arrangements with the clients. We have an exquisite reception that will set up all of the arrangements for them. If you get the high paying escort job in Birmingham you will be able to buy a lot of things that you have always wanted. Tell me that this does not sound great. So why don't you apply today and become one happy lady. 

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Specific details

Earning Potential £2000 per day+
Age Requirements 18+
Start date Immediate
Shift requirements 3 per week +
Maximum dress size 10/12
Joining fees None
Own transport needed No
Other requirements To become an high class escort in Birmingham. You will need to be a very good looking lady, with the personality and services to match it. Please do not apply if you have no previous experience. If this is the case you can apply to become a standard local escort with us.


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