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Stafford escorts jobs available to Females looking to work as an escort. We offer the best conditions possible as well as highest weekly earnings.
Price: £FREE!
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Stafford escorts jobs available to Females looking to work as an escort. We offer the best conditions possible as well as highest weekly earnings.

Finding the right escort agency to work for has always been a challenging task for every escort. However, by taking on one of our Stafford escort jobs you can be certain that you have made the right choice. Escorts tend to have a very good lifestyle, those who work for Nationwide escort agency have it better than most. If you enjoy rubbing shoulders with society’s movers then Nationwide is the place for you. The clientele that regularly uses our escort’s services are of a different class and enjoy treating our escorts like true ladies should be treated. Working as part of our team of Stafford escorts, you will enjoy the highest levels of all things.

The escorts who decide to make the choice and accept one of our Stafford escort jobs are the most contented in the business. We take pride in the fact that the majority of the escorts who have a job in our agency tend to stay long term. The reason for them staying so long is simple; they are taken care of. The agency receptionists are highly trained to support the escorts in every admin task involved in the job. They are responsible for taking the bookings and organising the escorts work schedules so as to make the escort’s job as stress free as possible. We also supply a professional photographer to take your photos so as to build up your professional profile. This service is provided free of charge. Not many other agencies do this. They have a tendency of demanding hundreds of pounds up front to pay for the costs, or they deduct it from the wages. We totally disagree with this ethos. If an escort wishes to work for our prestigious agency then the least we can do is help to promote her. Another thing that other agencies are notorious for, and that is charging an upfront membership fee to every escort who joins the agency. Nationwide refuse to apply those charges to the escorts who decide to apply for escort jobs in Stafford. There are absolutely no fees to pay to the agency by the escort at any point in the job application process. All of the administration tasks and escort advertisement are 100% free of charge for the escort. 

Something else that is a worry for escorts nowadays is safety. All of the Nationwide escorts are looked after by everybody, such are the bonds that are formed between the escorts within the agency, all of the girls consequently look out for each other. The agency also takes every measure necessary to ensure that the escorts are never put in danger when they are on a job. 

If you want a job in Stafford as an escort, in a place that offers one of the highest paying jobs in the industry and promises excellent working conditions then contact us to arrange an interview. Nationwide escort agency is actively looking for women to fill jobs as Stafford escorts. There are not many requirements to apply for the job, just be over 18 years old and be legal to work in the UK.

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Specific details

Earning Potential Highest weekly earnings as an escort in Stafford!
Age Requirements 18 or above
Start date As soon as you need it! Same day possible
Shift requirements We look for full time escorts that can work at least 4 shifts per week or part time to work 3 shifts.
Maximum dress size No more than a 12. 14's are considered if your very busty
Joining fees Its free to join us in Stafford.
Own transport needed No
Other requirements Working as an escort in Stafford with Nationwide. Is a very straight forward matter. You can be assured of the Highest weekly earnings available from escort jobs. Not only are we an extremely busy escort agency. But we have the lowest fees possible. As well as offering you the chance to start your escorting career with no upfront fees.


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