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Notes on the different types of escort work available here at Nationwide escorts.

Below is an option to select the type of escort you want to be with us. To explain what each one is.

1. Local escort. This is an escort that works in and around the city/town closest to her. For example if you live in Birmingham. A local Birmingham escort would only cover the Birmingham and immediate surrounding areas. It is normal for all ladies to be this type of escort as standard. If you have no previous experience, then this is the perfect type of escort to start out as. The earnings for this type of escort are very good. This type of escort work is open to all applicants, regardless of previous experience and such like.

2. High Class Local/National escort. This is an high class escort that as well as covering her local area, will travel throughout the country to visit clients. The earnings for this type of escort are very high. Starting from £200 per hour. You can read more about becoming an high class escort here

3. An Elite International escort. Is an escort that is both of the above, but in additional she will travel all over the world to entertain clients. Not everyone is suitable for this type of escorting, as you have to be an extremely elite lady in all regards to obtain this position. The earnings for this type of escort can be seriously high. Starting from £2000 plus expenses for 24 hours! You can read more about becoming an elite international escort here

If we think you have applied for a position that is not your best option. We will discuss it with you.


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Please be assured these photographs will never be used anywhere, they are simply to support your application! They are for our eyes only and no more.

Please ensure your photographs meet the following standards, all applications where photos do not meet these requirements may be deleted in full. So please make an effort with your application to us. Photographs are a very important part of it remember!

1. The minimum photos you can upload are 4, the other 4 uploads are optional. But if you can send more than 4, it will be better for your application to join us.

2. Please ensure that at least one of the photographs shows off your figure fully.

3. Please ensure that at least one of the photographs shows off your face fully.

4. All photos must be very recent and show you how you look on this very day. No photos from years ago please.

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