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High class escorts are in a league of their own. No other escort can compare to them. They excel in brains, beauty and elegance. These girls are elite luxurious escorts in every conceivable way. From the way they talk to how they walk.


This is the question that a lot of people ask. The answer is a simple one. These girls provide a service that is beyond compare. They naturally fit in with different social groups. They look just as much at home at ascot as they do in the audience watching an opera. They complement whoever they are with. Just like a diamond necklace looks stunning around the neck of a prepossessing woman. A high class escort looks just as captivating on the arm of her well-appointed client. Her attractiveness is spellbinding.

There are not that many escorts who can promote themselves as being high class. High class courtesans take extra care of themselves, they spend more time than most women do on their appearance. They have regular appointments in beauty salons. Spending a considerable amount of money and time on looking as good as possible. They strive to look as delectable as possible for their clients.

When booking a girl from a high class escort agency, the client is guaranteed to hook up with an alluring woman who oozes sensuality. A high class escort is a woman of class. Everywhere she goes she is noticed. She tends to be an exceptionally beautiful woman. Her clothes are usually from one of the famous houses of design. They are very rarely seen wearing off the rack fashions. The style that they go for is normally a classy elegant look. They do not wear tight, skimpy outfits. They look like what they are...true ladies. Forget the fishnet stockings and thigh high boots. Even forget about comfy trackie bottoms with an oversized hoodie complimenting it. There will be no jeans and comfy t-shirts either. An Elite VIP girl will always dress as if you are going to an upmarket event. Although, she will more than likely be conservative yet captivating in her style. Underneath that alluring outfit, you will find that she will be wearing the most libidinous underwear that you have ever seen on a woman.


Well, a regular escort can help to relieve any physical need that you may well have. This is all well and good if that is all you are looking for. However, a high class escort will not only assist in relieving carnal urges. She will also endeavour to make a mental connection. The relationship that you will both have will have more of an intellectual inclination than the one from a regular escort. Every time you book her, she will play the part of your 'girlfriend'. When we say girlfriend, we do not mean she will literally become your other half. She will just make you feel like you are in a stable relationship without the long term commitment. However, there is still a certain amount of romance and intimacy attached. Also, you can expect her to be punctual for all of your appointments together. Escorts of this standing do not work as many hours as regular escorts do. So, she has more time to dedicate to you and only you. Another thing that can be expected from her is time spent outside the bedroom. With a regular escort, you will probably pay for a service. Maybe you will book a dinner date. Normally, that is all that will happen. Or you will spend an hour or two in a previously agreed location. With an escort of stature, you will spend your time doing whatever you wish. You can go out for dinner, then move on to your hotel room. There you can indulge in a massage, perhaps you might fancy bathing together in the bathtub or jacuzzi. Basically, these gorgeous creatures will encaptivate you with their salaciousness. They are fetchingly heavenly and adorably captivating at the same time.

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