Escorts by bank transfer

When booking an escort from Nationwide. Its important you understand the payment methods acceptable. Not only to ensure you can prepare in advance, but also to save wasting the ladies time or being embarrassed at the time of payment. Here we speak in a bit more detail about the payment options you have when you book an escort from Nationwide. As well as more about when payment will be expected.

Payment methods

When booking an escort. The following payment types are acceptable. We do not accept credit/debit cards, sorry. 

  •  £cash - the preferred and most straight forward form of payment, especially for shorter bookings. Is that of cash. Please do not be offended if the lady counts it in front of you. This is best for everyone to ensure not awkward situations occur. We encourage all ladies to do this, so please do not blame them. Cash can only be used for local appointments. For reservations that involve the lady travelling nationally more than one hour from her base location. Then one of the other payment forms will need to be used, even if its only a part payment and the rest in cash when she arrives. For international reservations the payment must be made in full and any relevant tickets booked in advance. We will discuss this with you in more detail at the time you make the reservation.
  • DJ-Classifieds Bank Transfer payments support Bank transfers can be made in advance of your reservation. Please state clearly at the time of booking you desire to book an escort paying with bank transfer. As we need to see cleared funds in the account, before the appointment starts. It is possible to extend with a lady that is already with you, using this method also.
  • DJ-Classifieds Paypal payments support Paypal can be made available as a form of payment, for regular clients. We will not accept this form of payment from first time clients, under any circumstances. The same rules apply as above. Paypal payments must be done using instant payments only. Any fees charged by papal must be paid by yourself and not us.

We do our very best here at Nationwide escorts, to offer you as many payment options as possible. We feel that these 3 options is more than enough to satisfy all clients, without making the risk high or compromising your privacy. Of course none of the payment methods would feature anything about escorts, so its very discreet for all persons.

When Payment is due

For all appointments where you are paying cash. The lady will expect it to be paid at the start of the meeting. She will not commence the delivery of her services, until payment has been made in full. This is normal and as you can imagine its the best course in any event.

For extensions with an existing lady, that you desire to pay by another option besides cash. Then the payment will need to made at the point of the extension or just before you original paid time ends. Instant payment methods only.

All reservations that are more than one hour from the ladies base location. Will require a deposit at least, if not the whole payment to be made in advance of the lady setting off. Once you have made a couple good reservations with us, its possible to pay by cash on arrival.

All international reservations will require full payment by bank transfer or paypal before the escort travels. Tickets and all travel expenses will need to be paid/booked in advance also and firm proof provided to us.

If you are unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will happily explain any grey areas to you, so you have full clarity on them.

You can read more about the general prices of the escorts, on this prices page.